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larry pilotto — gear



Bourgeois DBJC. Redwood top, East Indian Rosewood back and sides. I can't say enough about this guitar. It's extremely balanced across the fingerboard, has even volume and response along the neck, and great string to string clarity. Holloway Harp Guitar. Fantastic vintage tone.


My Bourgeois has a Sunrise S-1 magnetic soundhole pickup and a single Trance Audio Acoustic Lens transducer. Both are run into Trance Audio's internal stereo preamp, then through to the Trance Audio Amulet control unit. I use a custom pickup from K&K Sound in the Holloway Harp Guitar. It has 6 K&K Pure-Mini acoustic soundboard transducers, 3 under the guitar side and 3 under the bass side, wired in stereo.


Newtone Strings, Phosphor Bronze Master Class (custom set). They have amazing tone, long life, and are handmade. If that wasn't enough, they will create a custom set to your specifications at a cost that's comparable to most name brands. If you play in dropped tunings, read the last paragraph on their home page. I highly, highly recommend their strings.

Care and feeding

Rauen Guitars specializes in instrument set ups, refretting, restoration, and repair. They installed my electronics and do my set ups. Down Home Guitars is a great store to deal with and a great Bourgeois dealer.