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larry pilotto — about


A native of the Chicago area, Larry Pilotto was interested in music from an early age. He started on piano, then began playing guitar at ten. He took lessons for a few years, then was in and out of different cover/jam bands as a guitar player, a bass player, and a keyboard player.

Larry started with an interest in electric guitar, but hearing Steve Howe play "Clap" (on "The Yes Album" by Yes) began his focus on acoustic guitar. He looked for more solo acoustic guitar music. Thanks to an old issue of Frets magazine, he heard the music of Michael Hedges. Shortly after that, he heard Pierre Bensusan. It was a huge one-two punch to his musical gut. He cites Hedges and Bensusan as his two major influences.

In his music, Larry focuses on balancing composition and technique. Each works together to play a role in creating the song. His approach has won him fans among mainstream music lovers and guitar enthusiasts alike.